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When your customers get to the till they want to pay for their purchases as quickly as possible. Our static machines allow them to do exactly that.

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Card machines that will help you to sell more

Whichever way your customers prefer to pay, our static card machines facilitate easy contactless, Apple Pay, Android Pay or chip and pin payments. The choice is theirs. Here are some of the other reasons why our countertop card machines will help you to sell more quickly and conveniently:

Quality Connectivity

Whether you prefer to use broadband or a landline connection, our countertop card machines process payments in record time. We understand that quality card machines that process transactions quickly make such a crucial difference to your customers’ impressions of your business.
If customers have to wait for their transaction to process they may become concerned that there could be a potential issue with their card. The result is that their shopping experience will be damaged and they may even go to one of your competitors to look for a better service.
Our machines use the fastest broadband and landline connections available so that you can offer your customers phenomenal shopping experiences, without leaving the till.

Our machines offer cashback

We know that you go the extra mile for your customers every day. That’s why our card machines go the extra mile for you. We are delighted to offer cash back as part of a series of additional services included with our countertop card machines. 
Very often, customers need some extra cash but don’t have time to get to a cashpoint. Providing them with a convenient cashback service through your card machine can give them a crucial extra 10 or 20 minutes that they can spend getting to the places that they love, on time. Customers always remember businesses that went out of their way to help them. Then they use these businesses time and time again. 
To discover the full range of additional services offered by our static card machines and learn more about the incredible experiences that they can create for your customers, please get in touch with a member of our team.

We Help With PCI Compliance

In 2006, as the internet was beginning to become vital to the success of global brands; the world’s five largest credit card companies introduced PCI compliance, which outlines the steps that every business that accepts card payments need to take in order to protect their customers’ data from theft and fraud.
We can guide you through everything that you need to do so that your business can become compliant as quickly and easily as possible. We’re here to help you to give your customers confidence that their data will be safe with you, without giving yourself a headache.

Fast, Sleek machines

Our machines look great and allow your customers to input information very quickly. For customers, that means no more punching unattractive heavy keys, and squinting to see if the asterisks representing their pin have emerged on the screen.

All of our static card machines are quick, efficient and help you to take card payments as easy as possible at the till.

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