Faster payments, get paid in a few hours.

At AptPay, we supply top-quality chip and pin machines for credit card payment transactions.
Call us today for more information.

Faster payments, get paid in a few hours.

At AptPay, we supply top-quality chip and pin machines for credit card payment transactions.
Call us today for more information.

Facilitating smoother chip and pin payment transactions

We understand that at the end of another 15-hour shift, the last thing you want to do is to see your profits taken away by exorbitant card fees. That’s why our fees are some of the lowest that you’ll find anywhere.

We also recognise that sometimes you need assistance urgently and don’t have time to press 4 to speak to an unhelpful robot when you phone us. We value the support that each of our clients has given and continues to give to our business. That’s why we have dedicated staff on the end of the phone to give you the support you need and the quality service you expect, whenever you need their help.

Debit & credit card machines

Whether you need to receive a debit card or credit card payments, we can help you. At AptPay, we provide simple card payment systems, which are reliable and highly efficient. 

Phone & online payment solutions

Gone are the days when taking card payments meant that you had to carry a large machine around with you. What if it didn’t fit in your bag? We’ve got the solution for your needs.

Card machines customers love

Our card machines are the best in the business because only the best will do for your business. 

 Portable Card Machines

These machines can be carried anywhere inside your shop and have rechargeable batteries. You can make queueing a thing of the past by consigning the till to history and taking your customers’ contactless payments from wherever they prefer to stand (or sit) in your shop. 

Mobile Card Machines

These machines are equipped with roaming data SIM cards and GPRS connectivity. Being able to make sales wherever they are working makes such a difference to our clients’ bottom lines, as do the low fees that we charge for processing these truly global transactions.

Countertop Card Machines

These machines allow your tills to take card payments more quickly and efficiently. Their sleek design makes them easy to use and even easier to connect via landline or broadband. The quality signal from these machines will always signal great cash flow for your business.

The best way to receive your payments within a few hours.

Business only means business if you get paid as quickly as possible. That’s why our fast card machines allow you to take payments in hours rather than days.

Machines that go the extra mile

As well as making card machines make sense for your business, we also offer a range of other financial services to make sure that your cash is always flowing smoothly. From business banking and loans to commercial mortgages, we’ll make you that you always have the cash you need at rates you’ll love. 

Why wait weeks for an appointment with a big bank? Talk to one of our specialists today to find the perfect solution for your business.

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