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What is a commercial property?

A commercial property is any property that is used for business purposes. This could be an office, and an office block, an apartment complex or large home that you intend to rent out, a shopping centre or an industrial warehouse. Commercial properties can bring significant revenue to a huge number of businesses. From start-ups looking to secure their own office space as an asset, rather than renting out workspace owned by another business, to landlords and property developers looking to build the most profitable portfolios, to successful industrial or retail businesses who are looking to expand and service an even greater number of customers.

We have helped businesses across Birmingham and the rest of the West Midlands with their commercial mortgages needs. Our expert team can arrange a meeting with you to further discuss all the details you need to know.

Why arrange a commercial mortgage?

In the same way as you would take out a residential mortgage to purchase your home, a commercial mortgage provides you with a loan that will help you to secure the perfect property for your business. Better still, these mortgages are designed to help your business to grow and therefore have very low rates.

How will we find an apt commercial mortgage?

We have excellent relationships with some of the best-regarded lenders in the industry. These relationships allow us to secure some of the most favourable rates on the market for our clients.

Every business is different, so every commercial mortgage needs to be different too. We understand this, as does every firm that we partner with. Whatever your business needs, we can find a repayment plan that fits your turnover, to give you total peace of mind whenever you take out a commercial mortgage with us.

Why choose AptPay?

Our friendly, experienced staff will listen to your commercial property goals and then map out a way forward so that you achieve these goals and many more. If a commercial mortgage is right for your business,  we’ll pay the cash into your account as quickly as possible on approval, because we know that your business doesn’t have time to wait. 

If you’re fed up with phoning a big bank and pressing 2 to discuss a complex financial matter with a robot and would like to have this discussion in person with a kind and knowledgeable human, then we would love to meet you.

Where Do We Secure Commercial Mortgages?

We’ve secured commercial mortgages for properties across the Greater Midlands. If you have offices outside of Birmingham City Centre and need to expand into this commercial hub, we can help to facilitate this expansion. Likewise, if you’re currently based in the heart of Birmingham’s business community and are looking to expand into lucrative regional hubs such as Solihull, we can find you the perfect mortgage to secure the perfect commercial property in this wonderful town.

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We also find properties for growing businesses, established SMEs and innovative start-ups across the Black Country. Whichever part of the Midlands you’re choosing to build your business empire in, will make sure that you have the finance you need to secure an HQ that will set you apart from your competitors.

Equally, the scale of properties and lenders to which we have access also makes us an excellent choice for property investors, who are looking to create or develop diverse and lucrative portfolios.

Am I eligible?

We’ll need to see your business’s accounts and know about any profits or losses that you’ve experienced. We’ll also need to see your business plan to find out how a commercial property would help your business to grow. 

Even if a commercial mortgage might not be the best way forward for your business right now, have a chat with us because we may be able to find another financial solution to help you to grow your business. 

If you are a business in Birmingham and the rest of the West Midlands, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. One of our team members will be happy to advise you on the best commercial mortgages options available for you.  

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