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Banking services for businesses in the United Kingdom

Starting your own business is one of the most exciting, profitable decisions that you will ever make. It will also be one of the most time-consuming decisions that you’ll ever make. We make banking one less thing for you to worry about by making it easy for you to open an account with a local provider quickly so that you don’t have to wait weeks before you can start trading and making money. As a trusted provider, we have helped clients from different industries across Birmingham and the rest of the UK with their first business account.

Why Not Go Straight To A Big Bank And Open A Business Account With Them?

Firstly, you can’t go straight to a big bank and open an account for a new business immediately. In banks that offer new business account applicants a meeting, you might have to wait three weeks for an appointment. Your business would miss out on banking profits for nearly a whole month!

Some banks don’t offer smaller start-ups an appointment and ask all new applicants to fill-out various forms online.

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Again, you might have to wait nearly a month for a response, only to be told that essentially ‘the computer said no’ because the algorithms used to scan your application didn’t see the potential in your business. Any human would have seen this potential easily.

That’s why we make sure that our office is full of lovely humans, who have spent years providing tailored financial advice to business across a huge range of sectors.

How is our Business Banking Service Different?

We understand that you know what works for your business better than anyone else, and you’ll give everything you can to make sure that it succeeds. Our job is to make sure that you secure the banking and financing arrangements that will allow your business to succeed, without leaving you facing endless fee and repayment deadlines, just as your business is booming. We also believe in face-to-face meetings, because meeting someone in person is the best way to learn about their business and discover everything that makes it so special.

If you would like to talk to an expert on banking for businesses in your sector, who will offer you balanced, impartial and completely tailored advice, then booking an appointment with a member of our team will help you to find a bank account that fits your business perfectly.

Putting local first

We’ll find you an account with a bank in your area so that you can easily pop in for an appointment whenever you have a minute between business meetings, or easily manage your account by phone or online if you’re on the go.

We’ll ensure that wherever you are, you’ll always have access to first-class business banking services whenever you need them through local providers that you can trust.

What we offer:

  • We’ll help you to find the best bank account for your business 
  • Fast and easy booking of appointments with our experts
  • A tailored service
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Am I eligible?

We’ll need to see your business plan and know how much capital you are planning to deposit in the account, to give us an idea of how your business will operate and the turnover that you expect to generate in your first year. 

We’ll also need to see a photo ID, proof of address and all the usual documents that you need to show when opening a bank account. Upon approval, we can ensure that your account is open and that your business can start trading within days.

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